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Jay's Kampala


Contemporary African apparel, accessory & lifestyle brand.
Jay's Kampala is a contemporary African apparel, accessory and lifestyle brand based in Kampala Uganda. All creations are hand crafted by young talented tailors and designers. At Jay's Kampala we do it all.


Jay's Kampala was created to have custom made clothing /accessories fun and accessible to everyone in the Sixth Region (African diaspora) and on the Continent.
At Jay's we provide the highest quality customer care, attention to detail and finest fabrics. We are happiest when you are absolutely satisfied with our creations and you are proud to say it's Jay's Kampala. Beyond youthful, fun, sexy, accessible clothing and accessories. Handmade slippers and sandals for every occasion can be found. There are an assortment of totes, backpacks, duffel and overnight bags you will be sure to love.